I wanted to have an area of the site where I call out some of the books, products, movies, and other good stuff that has had a positive impact on my life, or that I want to recommend to friends for some other reason.

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These are some of the books and other publications that have influenced me the most, or that I've just enjoyed. There will be no fiction here -- I tend to read insight, business, history, or self-help mostly.


I just finished this one in Mid-April and really enjoyed it. As a die-hard metal fan, you have to admire Brian Slagel's early and unrelenting drive to develop a community around his work and the music he loves. I bought it thinking there would be more of his insights into the record label industry and metal market particularly (the last chapter was the juiciest for that material)... but this really is being more of a history and compilation of interviews, funny stories, and cool coincidences that I never knew about.


This is an older one but it's a classic, and definitely a must-read for any aspiring entrepreneurs / business majors out there.


See above description.

Ear Gear: These Bose headphones have legitimately saved my life. They paid for themselves, just on the first day I used them. I continue to use them almost every day. I tried a handful of other brands' noise-cancelling headphones & in-ear buds, but Bose's technology is just unparalleled. If you're anywhere near as easily irritated by noise as I am, these are a must-have. Well worth the investment! You won't find much of a discount on these aside from maybe buying them refurbished at a Bose outlet, but even then you hardly save any money.

Bose Q35 (compare the Series 1 vs 2 if you care, but I think the 1st gen are just fine)



Cyber-securing your crypto-assets: How many buzz words do you think I could fit in this segment? If you're investing in cryptocurrency, protection is a must. Get a hardware wallet. The Ledger Nano S is basically the standard by today's practice.



How about a back rub? This one's pretty self-explanatory.

Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Heated Pillow Massager

My home setup is a Peavy Max 112 Bass with a DigiTech Death Metal pedal. Arguably laughable by today's standards but I've been happy practicing with it for over a decade! I've got some artifacts of esoteric and extinct brands: Silvertone, AXL, Traben, Fullerton... but when I'm playing out with bands or even just rehearsing, I always rock ESP / LTD guitars and basses. Current rundown:

LTD Deluxe MH-1001

LTD F-415

LTD B-1005



My live rig with Enigma is:

Ampeg SVT-7 Pro

ProTone Dead Horse Bass Overdrive

Image result for protone bass overdrive


Peavey Headliner 410 Cab

Lights: This thing is pretty key for the functionality, compactness, and price.

Neewer 14" Light Ring


Camera: Right now I'm rocking the Canon Rebel T51 (700D) with a 50mm f1/8 lens. Great for concerts, nachos, dim light/night photos, etc.


More to come soon!

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