WCX / WCEX scam – be forewarned, this exchange could be fraudulent

Check out this upcoming exchange in the midst of an ICO:


That may look like one of the most enticing and exciting websites on the web in the crypto space, but it has many red flags.

There’s a reference code in the link above, in case you do choose to sign up and get 50 free tokens… Supposedly, you’ll get an additional bonus on your purchase from my referral, but the mathematics on their site do not even work properly (15% Referral Bonus was not included).

WCXT Token Math does not add up

WCXT Token Math Failure



–There is no mention of who is on the team or what the company is named.

–They claim to be built on the Ethereum blockchain but do not even accept ETH as a buy-in format for the ICO, only BTC or LTC.

— Their branding is awful. Is it WCEX or WCX? Not entirely clear. Tokens are WCXT but the domain is wcex.co.

–And apparently, I am not allowed to be a US Citizen or resident to opt in?


Very sketchy. It could be legit, but I won’t vouch for it. Make an account with your alias email address if you want to get the “free 50 WCXT tokens”. But my advice would be to hold your money. These are the types of things to look for before entering any of your personal info. It’s been reported by several others as a possible scam

Everyone wants your ETH so make sure you do your research.


Happy investing,