Don’t sleep on Polymath

Hey all,

Wanted to call out Polymath.Network to subscribers and anyone who finds this doing research on the crypto market and some of the exciting new technology behind it. Polymath is not a coin, there’s no ICO, and it’s not an over-hyped tech circus with minimal use case. It’s essentially a new environment for exchanging securities tokens.

They are built on Ethereum today, but my understanding is that the ultimate goal is to be Blockchain agnostic and plugged into many different blockchains. To begin, the buying & selling of security tokens won’t be done on the Polymath platform, but instead through a third party exchange like tZERO (where you can also buy into ICOs or “future tokens”). It sounds like the intention is to move later to their own platform.

Investors will exchange POLY tokens for security tokens that are issued off the Polymath platform, issuers will use POLY tokens to pay for the creation of securities tokens, and investors will use POLY tokens to purchase securities tokens as well as KYC/AML verification. User companies will have to purchase POLY in order to pay Polymath for using their platform.


“Although it will be securities tokens (ST20) launched and traded, POLY is used to pay for products and services on the Polymath platform; KYC (Know Your Customer) services, investing in securities tokens, engaging legal delegates, and raising funds.”


By this point (as of early Feb 2018), you may be too late to get airdropped any tokens — they were giving out 250 POLY to folks interested and that complete a KYC process/application — but it sure is going to be an interesting org to watch as the market (hopefully) bounces back soon from a recent depression. It could very well be one of the more groundbreaking developments in the infrastructure of this early stage of the whole market.

Here’s “everything you need to know about Polymath”:

Here’s the subreddit:

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